Pink-Forever » Billy Joel May Be In Collaboration With Pink
posted on 05.18.2017

Billy Joel might be collaborating with Pink on future works.  This excerpt comes from an interview with Joel and The LA Times: “As Joel sipped Crown Royal from a plastic cup in the moments before he went onstage, he mentioned that he and Pink had recently gotten together and thrown around some ideas.  He wasn’t sure what would come of it but said he’d had a good time.”

This comes as a surprise as the classic hits artist has not released any new music for 24 years.  Also from the LA Time Article, “Joel says he quit writing songs because his standards were so high that the process became a source of agony.  ‘I’d turn into a caveman…walk around kicking things,” he said. But he also lost interest in what was going on in pop.’”  Will Pink sway Billy to come back with something new?  Only time will tell.


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