In 2018, P!nk and REVERB partnered together on the Beautiful Trauma Tour to accomplish three things: support her work with UNICEF and No Kid Hungry, reduce the environmental footprint of the tour, and empower her fans to take action for both.

P!nk was introduced to REVERB after collaborating with our longtime artist partner Nate Ruess on the hit song, “Just Give Me a Reason.”  Nate, having been a REVERB partner both as a solo artist and as a member of FUN., was very familiar with our work and suggested we connect to create a tour program for P!nk’s upcoming tour.

After working closely with P!nk and her management team, REVERB created the Beautiful Trauma Action Village – an interactive space set up on the main concourse at every show by REVERB’s on-site tour coordinator and brought to life by REVERB volunteers.

The Action Village empowers fans to learn more about P!nk’s work with UNICEF and No Kid Hungry and also take direct action for both organizations in a fun, positive space. Fans were also invited to reduce their environmental footprint by using REVERB’s free water refill stations and donate for a custom P!nk Nalgene bottle through the #RockNRefill program.

REVERB also created a comprehensive greening program that allowed P!nk and her crew to reduce the need for single-use plastic water bottles backstage, eat fresh produce from local farms each night, and incorporated eco-friendly products backstage and on tour buses.


Impact Highlights:

  • $70,000 raised by fans at the Action Village for UNICEF and Share Our Strength
  • 59,994 fan actions  at the P!NK/REVERB Action Village
  • 14,000 single-use plastic water bottles eliminated at the concerts
  • 3,994 gallons of waste diverted from landfills backstage by band/crew
  • 3,955 pounds of compost collected backstage

The first leg of P!nk’s tour was a huge success! Across 46 shows, P!nk, her band and crew, and her incredible fans worked with REVERB to create a huge impact for people and the planet.

Each night in the Action Village fans could:

  • Donate to UNICEF and No Kid Hungry and receive a custom P!nk #RockNRefill Nalgene bottle
  • Fill up at REVERB’s free filtered water station
  • Take a photo at the No Kid Hungry booth
  • Write a postcard to a child receiving aid from UNICEF
  • Enter-to win a signed guitar by taking action

We were so proud to work with P!nk on the Beautiful Trauma Tour and meet so many of her amazing fans!



With her schedule of nine shows, the longest run of shows ever for a solo artist at the venue, P!NK has smashed the ticket sales record at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena, with her Beautiful Trauma World Tour that wrapped up on Wednesday.

P!NK, along with promoter, Live Nation and artist manager, Roger Davies now hold the record for the highest ticket sales of any artist, group or otherwise, to play Qudos Bank Arena, with a total of 143,367 tickets sold across nine performances – surpassing the previous record holder by more than 50%.

To celebrate the milestone, Qudos Bank Arena’s General Manager Steve Hevern and AEG Group Director of Arenas Tim Worton presented P!NK with two Indian Chieftain Motorcycle fuel tanks that were custom painted, one themed in the Beautiful Trauma World Tour artwork and the other themed with Australia’s most famous bushranger, Ned Kelly – to suit the Indian motorcycles that both P!NK and her husband Carey Hart ride.

Two large murals, were also commissioned by Street Artist Mr. G to commemorate the occasion – one located back of house (for bragging rights) and the other in the front of house area on Level 3 for everyone to enjoy.

Fans travelled far and wide to experience the concerts, briefly interrupted by the star’s illness, before she resumed her high energy performances at rescheduled dates.

Qudos Bank Arena’s General Manager Steve Hevern said “it is an amazing number of tickets sold by an amazing artist, and it’s a record that I believe will stand for a very long time. P!NK’s performance on the 4th August during this tour in particular was one of the gutsiest I have seen, as she was clearly still not 100% after being unwell, but managed to give her all and perform magnificently.

“We are forever grateful to P!NK for returning to perform the rescheduled shows after having overcome her illnesses and so very proud to have her hold our attendance record and have her name indelibly etched in our history”.




After performing an insane 35 arena shows during her 2019 Australian Tour amid a series of hospitalisations, it’s safe to say P!nk has definitely worked up a hard-earned thirst.

And it turns out she loves VB just as much as her Aussie fans do.


In fact, after spying an Instagram post of the so-what-I’m-still-a-rockstar popstar knocking back a few green boys during her all-Aussie adventures, Victoria Bitter brewers Carlton United breweries decided to reward her for her support with a slab of customised stubbies, complete with pink packaging and the artist’s Funhouse tag.

“Pink works bloody hard on tour so it’s no surprise she works up a hard earned thirst,” a CUB spokesperson confirms to The Music.

They continued:

“We were stoked last month (but not surprised) when she posted on Instagram that she was knocking off with an ice cold VB in Australia.

We wanted to thank her. Not only for supporting us but for fulfilling her commitments to Aussie fans after being hospitalised mid-tour.

Many other musicians would have pulled the pin. But she returned to the country to give people what they’d paid for. What a legend.

And what better way to thank Pink than with a slab of her own customised pink VBs? With the help of our friends at Live Nation we got them to her this week along with the attached letter [below]. Cheers Pink!”

Cheers indeed.




Pink‘s aptly named Beautiful Trauma World Tour continues to leave, erm, trauma as the singer has taken to social media to call out an incident that occurred at a small bar in New Zealand.

Last night the mother-of-two posted the following fuming tweet after trying to host post-show drinks at a small establishment called Deadshot.

“Man I’ve been to some cool bars around the world, and Dead shot on Ponsonby road is not one of them,” she wrote.

The singer doesn’t give any explanation as to what happened but according to the bar’s manager Heather Garland, Pink was never present at the bar.

“We actually didn’t see Pink at all, but we would have loved to have her in,” Garland told Stuff.co.nz.

“We did have some of her crew come in a couple of nights this week. They were lovely and we had a great time with them.”

Deadshot’s manager claims that she even offered to arrange for Pink and her entourage to have drinks at a larger establishment who would be better suited to cater to them.

“We suggested a few of our favourite bars to try and offered to ring around and find a venue to host them, however they came anyway and we unfortunately had to turn them away,” Garland claims.

“Unfortunately as we are a very small, seated service cocktail bar we just didn’t have enough space for the 30 people who showed up for an after-party. We usually only take groups of six or less.”

Pink’s hubby Carey Hart weighed in on the drama via Twitter after a fan called her out for blasting a small business.

“A bit sad that this bar went above and beyond to assist in finding another venue after telling the organisers they couldn’t fit that many into their venue and now they are being shamed because they had to turn them away, after being honest about things,” the fan wrote.

“Were you there or just reading the story?” Hart sarcastically responded.



Turkish TV channel, AS TV is facing legal issues after airing P!nk’s “Secrets” music video. The video depicts dancers in same-sex pairings, dancing suggestively and even kissing. Arguing that the content was inappropriate, the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) fined the channel ₺17,000 Turkish Lira ($2,755) for breaching its standards.

The RTUK argued that children could be “negatively influenced” by the “erotic dance figures of a homosexual nature.” The artist has not responded, but the decision received backlash from LGBTQ activists.

Although homosexuality is legal there, it’s not the country’s first time censoring these public expressions. Oppression has only become worse under the administration of President Recep Erdoğan.

Police in Istanbul have used tear gas and rubber bullets, arresting 11 people at July’s Pride parade for defying threats from authorities. The capital city of Ankara has also enforced a ban on LGBTQ events, shutting down a public screening of the film, Pride back in June. The country recently pulled out of the Eurovision Song Contest, because of the show’s history of LGBTQ inclusion.

“As a public broadcaster we cannot broadcast live at 9pm, when children are watching, an Austrian with a beard and a skirt, who claims not to have a gender and says, ‘I am a man and a woman at the same time,” said Broadcast Chief Ibrahim Eren. “There is some kind of confusion of mentality here… once this is corrected we will return to Eurovision.”


Watch P!nk’s “Secrets” video below:



No crazy cake order has managed to beat an Auckland shop’s latest request – singer Pink’s birthday cake.

They’ve made cakes for the Tongan royal family, Air New Zealand, and Countdown, and now Celebration Cakes can add the pop star to their list.

Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, was in New Zealand for her Beautiful Trauma world tour in September, which included six shows at Spark Arena.

Along with bar-hopping in Ponsonby, the singer also celebrated her 39th birthday while she was here.

Celebration Cakes got the call from Spark two weeks before Pink’s birthday with an order for something “spectacular”, manager Rae Coppins says.

“They didn’t tell us who it was for initially, they just said they needed a really big cake,” Coppins says.

Settling on a replica of the stage with a fondant Pink and her crew as decorations, a team of four from the humble Manukau shop got to work baking and decorating the cake.

It took two 16 by 24 inch cake pans, lights, glitter, a wooden backdrop, and nearly 65 hours to complete before delivering it to the venue on Saturday.

“We still had about 30 other cakes that week but with all the hours we got it done.”

The team were also rewarded with tickets to Pink’s show which was a highlight.

“I’m not a huge pop fan but it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to.”

While the shop hasn’t heard if Pink enjoyed the mud cake and chocolate truffle creation, Coppins would like to think she did.

The cake, which could feed up to 400 people, is one of the biggest orders Celebration Cakes has had in its more than 40 years of business.

Some of the other tall orders it’s delivered included a 51 tier wedding cake and one shaped and decorated as a used bedpan for a nurse’s birthday.

“Years ago people used to look at books and order off that,” Coppins says.

“Cakes are a lot more elaborate now, especially because of the shows on TV.”

Chocolate is a favourite with customers – who come from all around the city – and Coppins says the common trends are drip cakes and deep cakes.

However, she says, there are still a lot of people who enjoy a plain cake.


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