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Check-in to a P!nk concert on Facebook and get ready for a stampede of comments and text messages of jealousy. And lucky for the city of Chicago, ensuing jealousy was curbed as P!nk delivered not one, but two, performances at the United Center this weekend (her 2nd and 3rd Chicago shows of the past year), giving more fans a chance to witness her critically acclaimed performances live and in person.

A woman that needs no introduction, and a tour than needs no opener, P!nk got the party started on Saturday night in Chicago, of course with her 2001 Grammy-nominated hit, ‘Get The Party Started’. And what better way, than in total P!nk fashion, high flying throughout the sold-out arena, hanging from a giant chandelier. With just one song, the performance was more entertaining than any other show that the United Center had seen in 2018.

From there on out, the hits, entertainment and energy levels never stopped for the Beautiful Trauma Tour. Through the 21-tracks that P!nk performed throughout the night, the ‘Raise Your Glass’ singer moved left-to-right, up-and-down, and all around her heart-shaped stage (complete with cat-walks and two wild fan pits) to make sure that no one in the audience felt left out and everyone got to enjoy their favorite P!nk record.

What was maybe most impressive is the different type of risks P!nk took throughout the night. With the Cirque Du Soleil type moves that she pulls off in the middle of her tracks, P!nk would easily get a pass for lip synching. Yet P!nk’s vocals were real and on-point for the entire night. It’s unrealistic to put on that much of a physically demanding show and still sound great, and yet she manages to do it.

The other major risk P!nk takes on her tour is a literal one, as she essentially risks her life with the acrobatics. At a point, P!nk was raised above her fans, hanging from her back-up dancer with no noticeable safety harness. While other pop artists in her shoes only float throughout arenas with slow-moving platforms, even they have safety belts attached, just in case all goes wrong. How P!nk finds someone to insure her tour is beyond me, but irregardless her show is definitely high-risk high-reward, and her audience is the beneficiary.

And although most of P!nk’s singles are very fun and upbeat, the Pennsylvania singer took a moment on stage to get serious and share a conversation she has with her 6-year-old daughter. After her daughter had been teased by children over her appearance, and after P!nk had to contemplate whether she was allow to kick a child’s a**, the singer told her daughter that despite the fact that many people feel the need to critique P!nk’s appearance and body, she still stands confident and sells out arenas throughout the world. And the United Center and all fans in attendance this weekend can obviously attest to that.

Too often, high production in a tour can come off as gimmicky and borderline desperate, but not in this case. The reason for P!nk’s elaborate and immensely entertaining performance is, if not for no other reason, to truly give back to her fans and ensure that they have the best night possible.

If you haven’t seen P!nk live, chances are you know someone who has and who has told you that you need to as well. Take their advice, because P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma Tour is like none other.



Pink is not only a superstar on the microphone.

Several members of the Tulsa VFW learned last night she’s also a class act when it comes to veterans.

Pink is currently on a 40 date “Beautiful Trauma World Tour” and last night she was in Tulsa. The singer invited several members of the Tulsa VFW to her concert.

On their Facebook page the VFW posted, “The members of Tulsa VFW are grateful that P!NK invited us into her show tonight. She continues to show her support for our Nations Veterans. Again, Thank you P!NK!!”

“The members of Tulsa VFW are grateful that P!NK invited us into her show tonight. She continues to show her support for our Nations Veterans. Please stop at our table and ask what services we can provide for your Veterans or just say thank you to our Veteran Volunteers. Those Volunteers work tirelessly helping our Tulsa Area Veterans everyday. Again, Thank you P!NK!!”


After a set of spirited mashups of ‘80s hits and old-school hip-hop, DJ Kid Cut Up packed up his things and left the Talking Stick Resort Arena stage so Pink could properly launch her Beautiful Trauma Tour.

A ringmaster sporting a suit jacket and shorts whistled the crowd to attention. The curtain lifted and Pink and crew got the night going with “Get the Party Started.”

In her world, ain’t no party like an acrobatic party. And an acrobatic party is what the crowd got.

Clad in sparkles and suspended above her band and dance crew, Pink glided up and down with the aerial flair that fans have come to love as one of her skills.

Her team below created a booming sonic foundation as she twirled about, singing. Their energy was palpable, making it clear they were polished to perfection and ready to deliver the goods on this opening night.

Once she lowered herself and untethered from her sky ropes, Pink utilized as much of the stage as she could – strutting and dancing on and across every space, from a movable walkway to stairs on either side.

Her voice was booming, solid with that combo of rawness and power that sold her to so many fans. Though the backup singers pick up a lot of the slack while she is in continuous motion, she gets major kudos for maintaining singing strength while she’s flying through the air in pretzel-like positions. Her voice never wavered.

She got a few songs in before greeting the crowd, noting the mystery and excitement that goes along with an opening night. “Just like you,” she said, “I have no idea what’s gonna happen. Let’s do this.”

If there was a theme to the night, it was personal power: “You do you,” despite the naysayers. She drove that home with a video highlighting recent feminist activism, and another that she presented at the VMAs regarding a conversation she had with her daughter, who’d been facing adversity at school over what other kids were calling her “boyish” looks.

Plenty happened during the 21-song set; most of it was good. Frosting her song “Funhouse” with select parts of No Doubt’s hit “Just A Girl” felt a little lacking. It might have been better if they went ahead and covered the song.

Following that by asking “Who wanted to be a punk rock singer in the ‘90s?” and jumping into a cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was also a bit on the cheesy side. Know how sometimes a smeared-lipstick, unintelligible Courtney Love shows up on news segments blathering something territorial about Nirvana? This was one of those times you kind of wished that would happen.

Otherwise, Pink was a tour de force. She mixed up a combination of new material and older stuff, and her on-point band of killer rock and rollers added a crisp edge to the overall sound. Of her earlier work, fans got super-roused by tunes like “Perfect” and “So What.”

The aerial activity peppered the entire night. At times it was Pink flying solo, at others she was with a dance partner. In either case, she is not fucking around. She’s made a real commitment to excelling at it.

Surely, she could sustain a show without it, but as she continues to ramp up her maneuvers, it seems to have become integral to the live Pink experience. Her final flight, near the show’s end, was spectacular as she traveled to the venue’s farthest and highest sections.

The crowd kept the cellphone lights glowing as she wrapped it up with “Glitter in the Air,” before capping the opening night party and letting the drop-floor stage lower her into the ground.

As above, so below. For the devoted fans, her compelling presence was felt no matter where she was in the room.

Set List
“Get the Party Started”
“Beautiful Trauma”
“Just Like A Pill”
“Who Knew”
“Funhouse / Just A Girl”
“Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana cover)
“Just Give Me a Reason”
“I’m Not Dead”
“Just Like Fire”
“What About Us?”
“For Now”
“I Am Here”
“Raise Your Glass”
“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”
“So What”
“Glitter in the Air”




P!nk is the latest celebrity to join the uprising against the Recording Academy.

While major female artists like Alessia Cara and Rihanna went home with trophies at Sunday night’s Grammys, the vast majority of winners were men. Furthermore, out of all 899 nominees, women only took up 9% of the list.

In response, Recording Academy president Neil Portnow showed no remorse for the artists the organization chose. “It has to begin with… women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls, who want to be musicians, who want to be engineers, producers, and want to be part of the industry on the executive level,” he told Variety.

Portnow’s line that sparked frustration in the music industry’s women followed: “[They need] to step up because I think they would be welcome.”

P!nk, who performed at the ceremony, took to Twitter to share a handwritten note full of outrage and support for her fellow female artists: “Women in music don’t need to “step up” – women have been stepping since the beginning of time. Stepping up, and also stepping aside. Women OWNED music this year. They’ve been KILLING IT. And every year before this.”

“When we celebrate and honor the talent and accomplishments of women, and how much women STEP UP every year, against all odds, we show the next generation of women and girls and boys and men what it means to be equal, and what it looks like to be fair,” she continued.



After performing at the Super Bowl on Sunday night while battling the flu, it’s clear P!nk will stop at nothing to put on a show.

The pop singer, who has 15 Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits, is known for her carefree attitude and elaborate live performances, which often feature acrobatic elements. P!nk loves to entertain, which is shown through her fun and energetic live shows. If you are unfamiliar with her past performances, take a look at the 10 best below.

“Glitter in the Air” – Grammys, 2010

In her iconic Grammy moment, P!nk introduced her acrobatic routine to TV audiences, while singing “Glitter in the Air,” the emotional ballad from her 2008 album Funhouse. She spun in the air while belting out the song’s high notes over the crowd, drenched in water. She later incorporated her routine on tour, where it became her signature move.

“Raise Your Glass” – American Music Awards, 2010

Complete with break dancers and broken glasses, P!nk performed her party anthem at the AMAs and transformed the stage into a skate park. This performance was colorful and fun and also featured a nod to her past acrobatic performances, with Dan Finnerty appearing overhead.

“Just Like Fire” – Billboard Music Awards, 2016

In this fierce performance, P!nk once again swung over the crowd, this time on a swinging clock. The giant clock later lit on fire, for a truly iconic performance of her inspirational hit.

“Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” – Grammys, 2018

In her emotional performance, P!nk featured an ASL interpreter onstage with her, which was a major step forward for the show to be more inclusive. In just a plain white T-shirt and jeans, P!nk belted out “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” which received a standing ovation from the Grammys crowd.

Medley – MTV Videos Music Awards, 2017

In this epic seven-minute-long performance, P!nk sang almost all of her hits, including “So What,” “What About Us” and “Raise Your Glass” while jumping from a floating car to a tractor trailer.

“Try” – American Music Awards, 2012

Showing off some more impressive acrobatic skills, P!nk starts out this performance balancing on her backup dancer. The performance also featured shattered mirrors and flames and an emotional interpretive dance.

“So What” – iHeartRadio Music Festival, 2012

Once again, P!nk soars above the energetic crowd, singing her “f— you” anthem “So What” while swinging from side to side over the entire arena.

“Everybody Hurts” – American Music Awards, 2017

P!nk and Kelly Clarkson joined forces to cover “Everybody Hurts” at the 2017 AMAs, with both of their powerhouse vocals soaring on the R.E.M. classic.

“Beautiful Trauma” – Good Morning America, 2017

While promoting her 2017 album, P!nk sang the title track “Beautiful Trauma.” While there were no acrobatic moments, P!nk still brought her all to the morning show, hitting her highest notes and dancing around, which is pretty impressive for a 9 a.m. morning show.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” – Super Bowl, 2018

While P!nk was battling the flu, she managed to sing the national anthem, which received mixed reviews but was very impressive considering the circumstances. She later tweeted about the performance, thanking her fans for support.