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P!nk has filmed 30 music videos over her career, inside you will find the link to video, as well as many photos inclucing photoshoots, screecaps, behind the scene and more…

P!nk’s vevo youtube channel has released several official Lyric videos. Inside you will fine them all as well as links to the lyrics to read alone with.

P!nk has covered many magazines from Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitian and many more. Inside you will find pdf files of each of those magazines (only pages with P!nk).

P!nk has over 20 tattoos all over her body, inside you will find interviews/videos of P!nk talking about her tattoos and meanings. As well we have many images of her tattoos

P!nk has written many letters to her fans over the years. Address issues she is strongly about to just a simple hello. Inside you will find full copies of all those letters