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Well, this is awkward…

It’s nearly V Festival, which means we’re nearly gonna watch Pink singing and swinging on stage, which means it’s time to ‘Get the Party Started’.

Well, at least we wanna get the parted started. Maybe you could take a leaf from our books, Pink’s husband.

While Pink’s performing all of her hits on the one day, Jay Z is going to be blasting out the likes of ’99 Problems’ another day, but according to the ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ singer, her hubby is more keen on watching him, than he is her.

Speaking to Roman Kemp, she said that he’s desperate to watch Jay Z, because he’s been to so many of his wife’s gigs so far. At least she didn’t call him out for spending the entire show looking at his phone.

Oh wait… She did. LOL.

As she was with us, and you lot were bombarding our notifications with questions for your dear, dear Agony Aunt (oh, and V Festival headliner), Pink, so we wanted to see if we could get you lot to… Think Like Pink. See what we did there?

From milk thieves to sexy lingerie, if there’s one bit of advice you need, it’s Pink’s. Just don’t get this advice confused; whatever you do, don’t buy the bloke stealing your milk sexy lingerie. That gets real weird, real quick.

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posted on 08.18.2017


She’s back with her awesome new song What About Us, so P!nk popped into the Radio 1 Breakfast Show studio for a chat with Grimmy – proving once again, as if any proof were needed, that she’s just one of the best pop stars EVER. They talked all about her 17 year career, Nick teased her by playing clips from her old days in a girl band, and there was just generally a LOT of laughing. Missed it, or just need to re-live it again? We’ve rounded up five of the P!nkest moments, below…

1. When she demonstrated how to pop star parent with flair

P!nk seriously has this pop star parent thing nailed – even though her daughter, typically, doesn’t seem quite as impressed as the rest of us.

“I’m really excited, because my daughter is finally the age where she can remember some of this stuff,” said P!nk, talking about playing V Festival this weekend. “She’s not impressed though. She said Momma, what if I get bored during a show? Well, then I guess you’re bored!” Er, we’ll happily take her ticket please?

Being a proud parent has changed P!nk’s backstage rider – but only a little bit. “There’s still whisky on my rider, thank you very much!” she insisted. “Also eco friendly pacifiers, string cheese…”

2. When she had ultimate performance goals

“I haven’t been fired out of a cannon yet”- P!nk’s aiming for the ultimate stage entrance
Nerve-racking, and not to mention a health and safety nightmare.
P!nk doesn’t just lay on any old antics for the adoring crowds, oh no. She’s famous for acrobatics, flying through the air, crowd surfing on a giant zorb ball and oh so much more.

“Oh no that’s never going to be over,” she said. “I’m going to be 80 in Las Vegas, in a tutu, flying upside down.”

But it turns out that there’s just one on-stage spectacular which P!nk is yet to try. “I haven’t been shot out of a cannon….we’re not ready,” she revealed. “I feel like when I’m ready for my last show, that’s the way I’ll go.”

3. When she had zero artistic ego

From Just Like A Pill to Trouble, P!nk has 17 years worth of huge hits to work with when it comes to choosing her set lists. Nevertheless, we love that she likes to throw in an eclectic range of other people’s music to cover too.

“I do a lot of covers actually,” she said. “I’m just a music fan. I’m obsessed with Rivers by Bishop Briggs, Just a Girl by Gwen Stefani, Janis Joplin, Led Zepplin…it’s really fun. We change the set list every night, it’s really fun because every night’s different and nobody has any idea what’s going on!”

4. When she was an inspiration for believing and achieving

She came in on A Level results day, and P!nk had some words of confidence for all the students out there. “I believe you can do whatever you wanna do,” she said, discussing the power of positive affirmations.

Nevertheless, it turns out that P!nk never really got that into school anyway. “I’m a high school drop out,” she said, “I got my SAT, I did it just to make my Mum be quiet about a year after I dropped out. I did well. I didn’t care. I think my essay question was something like, ‘If you had the chance to be famous, what would you do with your power?’ I was like, ‘Ooh I’m done. Bye!'”

5. When she and her husband were just ridiculously cute

She’s all set to receive the massive honour of an MTV Video Vanguard Award at this year’s VMAs, but P!nk nevertheless claims she doesn’t win many awards. “I don’t get that many!” she insisted. “I get nominated a lot. But I don’t win them!”

In any case, it turns out that P!nk’s husband has the cutest habit to make it up to her. “My husband makes me the VMA Moonman statues out of tinfoil and he made me a tinfoil Grammy once. Now when I lose he hands me the tinfoil. So I actually have a collection of tinfoil Moonmen and Grammys at home! It’s really cute, he’s gotten really good at it.”


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P!nk forgets her own lyrics as Grimmy tests her on some of her back catalogue on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

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P!nk talks about her new single What About Us, new album Beautiful Trauma, being a mum, playing V Festival this weekend & lots more with Tom and Charlie Tee!

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