Here’s something you don’t see every day: 32-year-old Denise Jones gave birth during a packed P!nkconcert in Liverpool on Tuesday night (June 25), and named the baby Dolly Pink in honor of the “Beautiful Trauma” singer.

Thankfully, everyone is safe and healthy, thanks to paramedics John Matthews and Dani Berg, who were both on duty as crowd doctors at Anfield Stadium.

Jones reportedly went into labor right as the P!nk show kicked off with “Let’s Get The Party Started.” Jones was in the Main Stand when she went into labor, while the medics were on the opposite side of the stadium. They had to quickly figure out a path that would get them through the thousands of P!nk fans in time to save the day.

Dr. Matthews, a consultant at Whiston hospital’s emergency department told Liverpool Echo:  “When we reached her, it was quite clear the patient was heavily pregnant and showing signs of being in labor. We took the decision to move her as quickly as possible to the First Aid Room underneath the Kop stand. We continued to assess her and established she was going to have to deliver the baby in the stadium as there was not enough time to get her to hospital.”

“It took less than five minutes,” he continued. “We didn’t have time to get concerned or worried, we just had to crack on and get on with it. There was no equipment in the first aid room, just a couple of beds. This doesn’t happen very often and I’d never delivered a baby in Anfield before. When things go well, it’s always a good feeling.”

Dr. Matthews added: “She did it all naturally, there was no time for pain relief.”

As for Jones, she joked that she was a bit upset about missing the concert. But she evened it out by naming her newborn after the singer. 

“The plan was to call her Dolly Louise but since she was born in the concert we’ve changed it to Dolly Pink.”

See a tweet about the incredible moment here.


The pop singer brought huge hits and death-defying acrobatics to 17,000 screaming, gasping fans.

Pink turns 40 in September. Hope you contemplated that Sunday as you watched her toss and twirl about Tampa like a flying squirrel, flexing on more than 17,000 fans with feats of derring-do lesser pop stars can barely dream up, much less insure in real life.

But that’s Alecia Moore for you, 39 years and a day past giving a frick. With Vegas-plus production behind her, Pink turned a sold-out Amalie Arena into a playground with a capacity of one, thrilling fans with her aerobatics, her voice and her catalog of pop hits that’s going on a 20 years strong.

“I’m about to turn 40!” Pink, like the rest of us, had to marvel. “That’s crazy! I just feel like a 17-year-old boy!”

She sure crashes parties like one. When the hot-pink curtain dropped Sunday, there was Pink clinging to a swinging chandelier, high above the arena floor, snarling — what else? — Get the Party Started. It was a hard entrance to top, but that didn’t stop her from trying – and actually succeeding on Secrets, where she wrapped her legs around a fellow dancer and dangled high above the floor without a wire, held improbably aloft by a hand or a foot or maybe a pact with Beezlebub himself.

Many songs crammed a tour’s worth of production commitment into just one or two songs — confectionery choreography that nodded to Busby Berkeley on Beautiful Trauma, woodsy mise en scene that felt like Andrew Lloyd Webber tackling Twilight on Try, snorts and spouts of flame on Just Like Fire.

Sometimes her endearing youthfulness shimmied through, as when a giant blow-up simulacrum of Eminem floated out, Stay-Puft style, to rap along on Revenge, only to see a wired-up Pink leap up and split-kick him in the chops. And when her band shrunk to fit on the tip off her heart-shaped catwalk, Pink let her voice, finally, outshine her tour’s production, wailing like a gospel queen on I Am Here.

And other times, the drama rose up like a crushed-velvet dragon in the mist. Try saw Pink rolling around a dry-iced stage and flipping her legs into the air atop the backs of a trio of dancers. That rolled into Just Give Me a Reason, which saw Pink floating heavenward on a four-poster bed. And from there, she stomp-started a performance of her newest single — and first from forthcoming album Hurts 2B Human — the vaguely Celtic battle cry Walk Me Home.

It was here — not up twirling in the rafters — where the Pink the world reveres today came out in force. Here was where she played a montage of news clips and headlines and interviews where she talked about it all: Feminism, self-worth, empowerment, voting rights, climate change, LGBTQ love, #MeToo. Different seats and sections cheered at different moments, but most everyone cheered at something.

And then she came back out swinging in all white, belting What About Usat the epicenter of a mini-nation of dancers. She stuck to the spotlight for the searing For Now. She dropped a clip of her famous 2017 MTV Video Music Awards speech, the one where she encouraged her young daughter — who later made a cute, quick-hug cameo — not to change to fit someone else’s idea of beauty. And she sent the crowd pumping their fists into the night with Raise Your Glass and Blow Me (One Last Kiss).

And then, in the encore, So What brought her most death-defying act yet. Anchored by four wires spanning the arena, she took off like a rocket, floating and spinning throughout the building, at times nearly 300-level high, at others just feet above fans’ heads, causing them to jump when she swung just a little too low.

She looked like Peter Pan, which is fitting. Just like the boy who wouldn’t grow up, Pink also seems ageless out there. September’s starting to seem so far away.



P!nk released the album for her “Hurts 2B Human” Album coming out in April. You can get her new single from the album “Walk Me Home” on :

Multi-retailer – http://smarturl.it/PINKxWMH
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No stranger to anthemic pop ballads — “Try” and “What About Us” say hi! — P!nk is back with yet another foot-stomper that’s tailor-made for some of those aerial gymnastics routines she so adores. On Wednesday (February 20), the singer launched a new era with “Walk Me Home,” which she initially previewed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a couple weeks ago.

“Walk me home in the dead of night / I can’t be alone with all that’s on my mind / So say you’ll stay with me tonight / ‘Cause there is so much wrong going on outside,” she belts over heavy drums and a twangy guitar. The soaring release feels like a fitting follow-up to 2017’s “What About Us,” and in case it also sounds reminiscent of some fun. anthems, there’s good reason — it was co-written by the band’s frontman, Nate Reuss.

Just hours after dropping “Walk Me Home,” P!nk performed the tune for the first time at the 2019 BRIT Awards, where she made history as the first international artist to be honored with the Outstanding Contribution to Music award. Her show-stopping, career-spanning medley included costume changes, dancers, waterfalls, and more, with the pop icon also performing “Just Like Fire,” “Try,” “Just Give Me a Reason,” and “What About Us.”

During her Ellen appearance, P!nk revealed that “Walk Me Home” is the first taste of her upcoming eighth studio album, Hurts 2B Human. She also mentioned that she shot a video for the single with Michael Gracie, the director of The Greatest Showman, so look out for that sure-to-be-spectacular visual feast arriving soon.



P!nk has been cemented in history!

“Extra” caught up with P!nk as she received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Surrounded by her family and friends, P!nk said, “I’m not a person that can ever take the magnitude of these kinds of things, but it is truly in my heart of hearts, my parents are so proud I have both of them here and my whole family and my kids and my friends and all these people that I’ve seen at concerts for the last 15 years — it’s an absolute blessing.”

For two decades, P!nk has been blessing fans with her voice, including singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl last year. Would she ever consider performing the Super Bowl halftime show? She answered, “My Super Bowl halftime show would be pretty rad.”

The aerialist smiled, adding, “It would have to be a closed top, I think. Yeah, it’d have to be a closed top.”

Over the weekend, P!nk attended Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas show, pointing out that she could see herself doing a residency “eventually.”

As for how she is celebrating her star, P!nk commented, “My kids are sick… So I’m not… as you can see, I have a handkerchief in my pocket.”



“Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with P!nk at the 2019 MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Dolly Parton.

Along with growing up with Dolly’s music, P!nk revealed her favorite movie starring Dolly. While referencing a character in the film, she said, “’Steel Magnolias’ is my favorite movie ever. On my gate at my house that says Ousier Boudreaux. That’s my name that you have to press the button.”