Pink-Forever » Pink’s top ten music videos of all time
posted on 09.04.2017

From her RnB stint to her pop rock decade, we’ve handpicked our favourite music videos by the queen of creativity herself, Pink.

If there’s one thing P!nk consistently nails (other than every single note she sings), it’s creating a music video with a narrative. She’s bloody brilliant at it, and her latest visual for comeback single What About Us is no different.

In true P!nk form, the clip, which was released moments after it was announced that the pop legend would be honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this year’s VMAs, beautifully portrays the message of the song’s lyrics and titular question. Including everything from abandoned police cars, a helicopter chase and hard-hitting choreography, it seems more timely than ever following last weekend’s events in Charlottesville.

So to celebrate the return of P!nk and her well-deserved honorary VMA award, we’ve picked ten of her best music videos to date. It wasn’t an easy task…

1. You Make Me Sick

A true classic from her debut R&B album, You make Me Sick is all about P!nk’s relationship dilemma – she’s fed up with the way her partner treats her but still fancies the pants of him. Yep, we can all relate. But it’s the video that really gives us life. The graffiti walls, the crazy car crash, THAT hot pink hair and the rose petals scene.

Pink isn’t one to shy away from humour and this video is one of her funniest to date. The song takes a light-hearted jab at then it-girls Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie and others alike. It’s a witty parody of the behaviur of stereotypical Hollywood heiress’s and reminds young women not to get sucked into superficiality.

3. Trouble

4. I Don’t Believe You

5. Get the Party Started

Like the rest of us, P!nk knows that getting ready for a night out is always better than the actual night out and this video is all about that. It’s fun, slightly crazy and definitely one of her most memorable videos to date.

6. Try

Once again, P!nk brilliantly portrays the message of the song through the creativity of its video. Try encourages us to get up and have another go even when things get tough, which is exactly what she does in this video. Speaking a few days before the release, she said: “Making this video was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career. I never wanted it to end. It’s my favorite video ever.”

7. So What

8. True Love

True Love featuring Lily Allen is not only a feel good song but the video melts our hearts as it stars P!nk’s real-life love Carey Hart and their daughter Willow Sage. How cute do they all look together?

9. F**king Perfect

This is P!nk’s most controversial music videos to date due to the graphic suicide attempt scene in it. However, the overall message of the song and the narrative of the video makes this one of her best releases. It’s a big fat f**k you to the idea of being anything other than yourself.

10. Raise Your Glass

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